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Bed bugs are a spreading pest in the Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and Dnever, Colorado area.

Have no fear! By using our services to help you get rid of your bed bug infestation problems, you will be able to rest your head on your pillow at night once again knowing your home is safe from creepy crawlers. We use a top-notch Thermal Remediation System to exterminate the infestations, and then inspect the prior-infested areas afterwards to guarantee the bed bugs are gone. This process of inspection is able to occur thanks to the Pest-End Exterminators' scent detection canine.

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Bed bugs are rather small, parasitic insects that solely feed on blood. These grotesque critters have been around for thousands of years and always have been notorious for feeding on humans. Once the modern world came to be the majority of their population was eradicated. However, in recent years these insects have been making a comeback due to their growing pesticide resistance.

Bed bugs feed whenever they get the chance to, however they are principally active at night. When a bed bug consumes blood and bites into the skin of a human, it releases a numbing agent that makes the bite rather unnoticeable to the host. Host reactions to the bites vary from person to person, and in some cases there will be no reactions at all to the bites. This makes it even more difficult to identify if there is an infestation. Furthermore, it can take around 2 weeks for the bites to form on the human skin. These insects can survive for at least a year without consuming anything from a food source, however they typically feed once every 5-10 days.

Oftentimes, bed bugs are difficult to identify since they are constantly changing in shape and size as they transition throughout their life cycle. Eggs are especially difficult to spot, as they are small and semitransparent. Adult bed bugs are usually 5-9m in length and have an oval-shaped body with a brownish tint to them. Younger bed bugs are smaller and colorless, however they share the same figure as the adults. In order for them to enter the molting process, the insect must feed on a human host.

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Thermal Remediation - Most Effective Bed Bug Solution

Thermal Remediation is the most effective and efficient bed bug treatment option that is currently used. This means that an infested area is heated up anywhere from 120-140 degrees fahrenheit during a 3 hour time interval. Because of air circulation and area treatment, no small spots of the infested location are missed during this process. Bed bugs simply cannot survive in these extreme temperatures, and this solution is better than pesticides because of the pesticide resistance the insects have begun to develop.

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