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Cricket Exterminator Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Cricket Exterminator

Cricket Exterminator Highlands Ranch, CO

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Cricket Treatment & Control

Colorado is home to two species of field crickets: one that's active in the spring through early summer and the other that's active in the summer through early fall. You'll know you have crickets in the house when you hear their loud chirping sound. If you've ever had crickets in the home, you know how hard they are to find.

They usually make their way in by accident or they may have gotten in through a gap to seek warmer shelter. While field crickets don't usually mate indoors and pose little risk to your home or family, they are irritating, annoying and disruptive due to their sounds. Call Jones Pest Solutions if you have crickets. We can visit your home for a free inspection and determine a plan going forward.

Tips for Cricket Control

To prevent crickets from setting up shop in your home or business:

  • Store firewood away from the home and off the ground.
  • Dispose of lumber piles.
  • Clean up piles of leaf litter and debris that may provide shelter.
  • Remove any ground cover in landscaping within 10 feet of the home.
  • Seal exterior cracks and holes in outside walls.
  • Improve crawl space ventilation.
  • Call Jones Pest Solutions to Eliminate Criskets

    If you suspect a cricket invasion, call Jones Pest Solutions for proper removal at 720-721-3081, and we can schedule your free inspection. We are based at 1825 West Union Ave in Englewood CO, serving Parker, Arvada, Centennial and surrounding areas.

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