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Stinging insects can cause the recipient needless pain and hassle. Having a nest on your property, especially near play areas, pools or areas that get a lot of foot traffic, can pose a risk to the health and safety of occupants. Wasps and hornets will defend themselves if they feel threatened, stinging and leaving an itchy red welt. Some people are allergic to such stings, posting an added threat to health. If you notice a wasp or hornet nest at your home, call Jones Pest Solutions right away. We can provide a safe, effective treatment that will ensure you won't be inundated with these annoying stinging insects.

Spotting Wasp and Hornet Infestations

Wasps are solitary insects, contrary to their close relatives -- bees and ants, which build complex social societies. Many wasp species are parasites or predators that will feed on people, pets, and other insects, even honey bees. The Western yellow jacket is very common in Colorado, typically found swarming around areas where there is open trash or exposed food. Other common wasps here are the Western paper wasp and the European paper wasp.

The bald-faced hornet is the most common hornet in Colorado, common in rural and urban areas, known for making their homes in trees. Hornets are nasty, and will sting without much provocation. If that weren't bad enough, they can sting repeatedly, just like wasps.

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Removal of wasp and hornet nests often requires a careful and multi-step approach. Contact Jones Pest Solutions for proper wasp and hornet removal at 720-721-3081. We would be happy to schedule your free inspection. We are based at 1825 West Union Ave in Englewood CO, serving Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, and surrounding areas.

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